Myrtofyto is located in the foothills of the Symvolo Mountain at an altitude of 380 metres, just 5 km away from the sea. Myrtofyto is a small traditional village in the Municipality of Paggaio, Kavala District. Its old stone-built houses, cobblestoned streets and small squares with large trees, skillfully hanging on the mountainside, artfully compose a majestic and dreamy view to cherish and remember.

Tsikrikonis Traditional Guesthouse is located in this calm and magnificent green scenery. The Guesthouse has been operating since Autumn 2014. It is the ideal destination for nature lovers the whole year round, as the landscape combines the mountain and the sea to cater for all tastes. Guests have the opportunity to trek the mountain and swim in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean sea. The green of nature and the striking blue of the sea guarantee a rewarding experience and are sure to remain engraved in the memories of guests.

Myrtofyto and Tsikrikonis Traditional Guesthouse are an ideal destination for agrotourism lovers, with endless vineyards and oil groves lining the route to the village. The Guesthouse has been operating along with the Tsikrikonis Winery. Guests are invited to learn the secrets of viniculture and winemaking for a truly memorable winery experience.

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Municipality of Paggaio
Kavala District

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